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LAST 2013, Lean, Agile and Systems Thinking, was a one day event held at Melbourne on 2 August, 2013. The day was jam-packed with sessions and workshops all about Agile, Scrum , Lean , Kanban etc.

The event was organised in a film-festival manner where there was lots to attend and still heaps one would miss. With 66 speakers and around 250+ attendees, there was a hustle and bustle in the event venue throughout the day.  It was all about sharing practical and real world experiences. discussing challenges, inspiring others and getting inspired plus networking.

There was so much to learn and ponder over in each session. I attended 7 sessions and one workshop, huh!.  Even had to stand in one of the sessions, but it was worth it undoubtedly! Met some wonderful people and heard their stories about their AGILE journey, gathered some great ideas, got to know about some awesome books to read and amazing blogs to follow! So much in just one day. It was such great fun. Right now my mind is bubbling with all that I heard during the day!

I will be writing about all the sessions that I attended and those about which I only heard from fellow attendees in separate blog-posts very soon. Will try to include as much detail as possible for myself to refer back as well as to make it an enjoyable experience for those who read the posts.  

Lastly, Marcel Van Hove from MYOB did an amazing visual of LAST-2013 conference which can be seen in the picture for this post. Camera couldn’t do justice to the painting due to the crowd present at the venue. Still it’s awesome!