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One of my favorite things to jot down is the 5’s for a topic :).  2018 was indeed special for me in numerous ways! The differences that I feel in myself are so evident, even for the more intangible things!  

  1. Make it a bit more about YOURSELF! When I say this, I have no intention of making it look like a selfish act or doing it at expense of something else! No Pun intended! Efforts that I have made for myself this year consciously have been fruitful. If I can just summarise in few words: LOVE YOURSELF. GROW YOURSELF. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. LISTEN TO YOURSELF. TAKE CARE of YOURSELF. Honestly, no one can do any of these better than YOU can!
  2. The FINITE Energy: It might be true that the universe has infinite energy and one can draw from it using the right attitude or whatever. There’s a lot of research and many books to back this! What I started to realize (a bit too late probably 😛 ) is that my energy is finite. I cannot be everywhere, I cannot please everyone, I cannot do everything and so on! And releasing it was way easier than actually doing something about it! Energy spent with wrong people or things was costing me a lot. It was basically taken from my finite pool. Eventually, it impacted a lot of other unrelated areas of my life! I learned to channel my energy to use it for things I enjoy and for people who reciprocate and hence deserve it!
  3. Forgive yourself: I learned to forgive and forget others a few years ago. But ironically, I seldom did so to myself! If things are not the way I want, maybe I need to fix/do something! If something was not happening or happening, I have to make attempts. It’s good to take accountability and responsibility but it can happen fully in its truest sense when I am the only one involved. When I wanted to accomplish for myself, I had all the determination to do it but applying the same principle everywhere just doesn’t work. I cannot take guarantee for anything apart from my own self. And some things are not just meant to be! I have learned to be a lot more empathetic towards myself!
  4. KNOW and VALUE Yourself: If you don’t respect your own values, no one else will. It really is as simple as that. First, know your values and then live them. Don’t abandon them for anyone! No concessions, please! It’ the biggest favor I did to myself this year! Define your values yourself and set your standards yourself! You are an individual and as your ‘own-true-self’, you will get your best version!
  5. Let Go: Of what? Well, tons of things! Petty fights, senseless arguments, not-so-genuine people, things that aren’t working, the need to justify someone’s presence/absence from your life, job that you don’t enjoy, evenings spent just to make it look nice for whatever reason, celebrations with people for just the sake of it and bad memories associated with any/all of above! They are like furniture in your living room, you can only fit in a few nice pieces without over-crowding your room. Let Go so new things can enter!

Lastly, one of my personal favorite buzzwords from 2018: work on Holistic Health!! You won’t regret. Best Wishes!