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To Inspire the Management is significantly important for Agile practises to succeed within an organisation. This thought was the theme of discussion for the ‘Inspire Management’ Session of the LAST conference.

One of the most common reasons behind Agile failing to give expected benefits is that Agile is not adopted on organisation level. If one or few teams are Agile and rest of the teams or interfaces within the organisation are not Agile, it might end up in chaos without any tangible profits. Agile adoptions die as organisations find it difficult to change. Its essential to show people what they don’t know and inspire them to exploit full potential of Agile methodologies.

People see things differently when they are inspired and the whole context of analysing/understanding something changes. A very good example of this is the way people handle the Nine Dot Problem. Goal of the puzzle is to so join all the dots using  4 (or less) lines without lifting the pen. When people are asked to solve this problem in 2 minutes, they generally find it difficult to come up with a solution in the given time.  


But when they are presented with a solution with permission to cross the square boundaries, few more solutions can be found without much effort!


The point is when we learn how to think out of the box, we get inspired to try and do new things. The entire perspective changes along with the mindset.

The presenter talked about the 26 Agile Management Innovations aka AMIs to aid organisations to make their culture more Agile. Image

These are divided into a categories, namely, Decision, Mastery, Customer and Innovation, Money, Teams  and Collaborative Infrastructure, which are again divided into sub-categories.  More details about these can be found on the presenter’s website here.

These are just guidelines for organisations to help them for a smooth transition towards AGILE and it must be remembered that culture can never be copied.