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Love with a chance of Drowning is a super adventurous travel memoir and it’s a love story, one that makes you believe in all the cliches! I didn’t know all this before I started reading it as it was a random pick from the library. But you should now have enough reasons to give it a go!!

Torre DeRoche, the author and the narrator, moves from Melbourne to San Francisco for a year without much knowledge of the momentous changes the move would bring to her life! She is twenty-something and meets an Argentinian guy Ivan in a bar one evening. The one-night stand turns out to be a passionate love affair making her take a sailing adventure round the Pacific Ocean with him! She had planned to return to Australia in one year but not after a few months sailing trip across the Pacific in a small boat! Love does make one do strange unexpected things!

Ivan’s passion of sailing around the world and going to secluded places in the Pacific Ocean, paradises as he calls them, is Torres’s fear. She joins him to go sailing in their small boat ‘Amazing Grace’ from San Francisco to Australia. Torres has amazingly described the challenges, the life threatening situations, their blossoming and ever strengthening love, the places that they visit, incidents & accidents that happen and friendships that  they make on the way.

The thrill of the escapade makes it a page turner and because it’s a love story, it’s super cute to read. Torres talks about the time that she spends with Ivan as a lot as compared to what ‘normal’ couples would do conventionally! And it’s amusing when she she refers to their time spend together in those few months of sailing equivalent to few ‘land years’. They play all sorts of games and quizzes and talk endlessly because all they have is each other in the middle of nowhere! It’s touching when Ivan shares his deepest thoughts and regrets with Torre while on the journey! It did make me think how distant people become in the complex so-called modern world!

As Torre rightly says in the book :

“Life’s most beautiful things are empty without somebody to share them with.”  

If not sailing, I would consider cruising with a special someone a very good way to spend some quality time together!

It’s not just a love story. It’s a story about overcoming one’s fears, believing in someone and his passions and living them with the person! It’s a roller coaster ride of emotions, unknowns and adventure. It’s funny & light as well as deep and thought provoking, all at the same time!  Not to spoil all the fun for readers, but would still like to mention that the ending is aptly romantic for a love story! Whether you are a hopeless romantic or a wanderluster, this one is definitely a good read!