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Satin Island was nominated for Man Booker Prize in 2015! This might be the only good thing I shall write in this review! I honestly did not understand the purpose of writing this novel!

The narrator is called ‘U’, huh! He is an anthropologist who writes about random stuff… his work for the ‘Company’, his friend Peter who is suffering from cancer, Madison with whom he is having a casual affair. There is no plot, none of the things are related, there’s neither a  solid opening nor a satisfactory ending! It’s just too casual and random. I kept reading until the end, hoping that there would be some Eureka moment, but in vain!  Thankfully it was just 200 pages or so!

After going through some of the other reviews, I got to know that this is Tom’s typical writing style! If I had known this before, I probably wouldn’t have picked this one! It would be really interesting to know if something in this book clicked for anyone! Just curious to understand the different perspectives, especially the ones I might have missed!

I know opinions are very subjective but this was one of those books which, for once, made me doubt award nominations and an inclination towards reading nominations!