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After looking at the title, I really didn’t need much convincing to pick up this one! Elizabeth Bard has penned down her ‘French’ love life in an interesting way and made it more yummy with the ‘authentic’ recipes!

It’s one of those books which shows you the culture of a city in its most raw form! Elizabeth meets Gwedal for lunch during a weekend trip to Paris and it becomes a lifelong affair! And I remembered that the way to the heart is through stomach!!

While struggling with her writing career, Elizabeth tries to fit into a typical French family! Being an American, she is used to thinking about the future, fancy jobs, planning things and doing stuff because one is supposed to !! Gwendal’s happy-go-lucky nature and no fuss about not knowing the future baffles her but she still manages to love him!! And the recipes are perfect fillers for this cute and realistic love story!

This one will make me look at the French people in a completely different way! And I take it as a learning that our culture and the society that we grow up in makes a huge impact on our thought process and perspectives. And it confirms for me that most things are neither right nor wrong! It also made me question so many things about people’s preconceived notions about love and marriages? Why do we think two very different people are less likely to be a loving understanding couple. THOSE differences might bring a unique dimension to their relationship!

Elizabeth’s description of the French parties, Parisian nights, meandering through Paris streets and French cooking will show you a glimpse of France through a New Yorker’s eye! She has some witty lines to compare the two cultures:

“A French portion is half of an American portion, and a French meal takes twice as long to eat. You do the math.”

And so much about the French in just a few words here:

A French conversation starter is more subtle. Work is considered boring, money is out of the question, politics comes later (and only in like-minded company). Vacation is a safe bet – it’s no exaggeration to say that French people are always going on, returning from, or planning a holiday. But more often than not, social class in France is judged by your relationship to culture.”

It’s her debut novel and is a delight to read. I loved this lunch in Paris :). it teaches you so much about life in a subtle way!!