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A bit too late but this post deserves to be the first post for the new year!

Second year in a row where I surpassed my reading challenge :). So what if it was just by one book and on the last day of the year!!!


Few Highlights from the year:

  • Some more love for Murakami, my favourite author: My first book was Haruki Murakami’s Norweigan Wood  . After Dance, Dance , Dance , very few left to go before I devour them all then re-read!!
  • 11 out of 51 books I read were non-fiction which was more than previous years! Few professional re-reads here include Humble Enquiry, Coaching Habit. And 5 Second Rule was another good one worth mentioning! Apart from these, I also read couple of books on ‘finance’ including THE most famous ‘Barefoot Investor’!!
  • Few new authors discovered…first one being Milan Kundera! His The Unbearable Lightness of the Being was a sheer delight to read! some of his work is on the TBR for this year! Charles Bukowski has a knack for humour and Pulp was entertaining!
  • Few little gems like The PrinceThe Time Machine, and The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up were like power houses!
  • Only one book on travel but it as one of the best I have read! Whether you want to read a travel catalogue or a great story or a saga of unparalleled courage, The Tracks deserves a place on your list!!
  • Few other ones worth mentioning are Apple Tree Yard (for drama, romance and a bit of thrill), Adultery by Paulo Coelho for the dose of philosophy,  Woman at Point Zero as a heart-wrenching tale,  and The Ship of Brides was a war-based, emotion-packed satisfying story!
  • Some Revelations as well!! Firstly, short stories collection is a big NO for this year, for I don’t enjoy them even if I have enjoyed a novel by the same author and like his writing style! Something in the short stories is too short that I can never respond to it as a reader!! Secondly, Non-Fiction is not that bad to read with some skimming 🙂

More reading this year, new authors, new genres and new worlds to discover!!

Happy Reading 🙂