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And this is the 100th post for the blogging challenge! And yes, I am exhausted 🙂

Some thoughts, rants and/or learnings from the last 100 days….

Why did I do this?

Out of the blues, thought of this is a good way to challenge myself in writing space! Also thought of it as a discipline inducing activity!

Did I like/enjoy it?

Upto some extent and more for the first few days!!

Was it challenging?

Yes, a lot!! In terms of the quality of what I was writing! It’s easy to post pictures and travel related posts but creative writing needs more than just time! When I was travelling, I had to schedule posts for 8 days in a row, it was freaking daunting!!

What did I miss?

Writing and putting up with the challenge so much of my time that I missed reading blogs. My general reading also suffered, doh!

What did I like about it?

Got quite a few new followers!! The number of hits increased! I realized that writing fatigue is not a myth! I am happy that I didn’t fail the challenge!

Will I do it again?

No, not very soon and not for as long as 100 days for sure 😀

Thanks to everyone for reading and appreciating!!