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Louise Doughty’s Apple Tree Yard was as intriguing as the title itself! A dramatic psychological thriller, Apple Tree Yard is also a British Television thriller now!

Yvonne Carmichael, an accomplished & respected geneticist, and an intelligent woman, married to a scientist leading a reasonably happy life sound like a perfectly normal character! But the choices she makes land her in a court as co-accused of a murder! The book starts with a court trial and the first few pages are engrossing and create a grip on the reader that doesn’t loosen till the very last page!

Yvonne meets a stranger, whom she calls ‘X’ and embarks on the misadventure of an erotic fling unravelling in weirdest of all places, Apple Tree Yard being one of those alleyways! The book is narrated by Yvonne as a series of letters (unpublished and written on her computer) to Mr. ‘X’! Although extremely successful in her career, she makes silly choices in her life and ends up in court! But that’s what make her very humanly.

There is lot of drama spun in the incidents that happen. It touches the psychological sides of human nature, the fact that all choices we make have impact on our lives, the intricacies of relations and complicacies of human minds. Everything is revealed slowly bit by bit in a backflash. It’s a page turner and kept me glued throughout! The romance is penned down beautifully and the court trial is riveting! It had the right number of words, right amount of details!

Recommended read!


“We discovered that safety and security are commodities you can sell in return for excitement but you can never buy them back.”

“Self-awareness: it is one of the chief bonuses of advancing age. It is our consolation prize.”

“Relationships are about stories, not truth. Alone, as individuals, we each have our own personal mythologies, the stories we tell in order to make sense of ourselves to ourselves. That generally works fine as long as we stay sane and single, but the minute you enter an intimate relationship with another person there is an automatic dissonance between your story about yourself and his or her story about you.”