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A retrospective is probably the most frequent and well-known ceremony for Agile teams. It makes the team reflect upon what was done, what worked well and what did not!

An interesting activity would be to put yourself in future, envision where you want to be and ponder upon what can help to achieve the vision & what could be the possible hindrances! Such a ceremony would be called Futurespective! There are lots of ways to facilitate such a  session and this is how it was facilitated by our Agile Coach at work for the QAs:

1. ‘What awesome looks like’: Envision where you want to be in future, one year from today to be precise. All participants were asked to put up post-its with related things. The inputs included processes, tools, techniques etc. the inputs were discussed and grouped together!


2. ‘Helped and Hindered’: We were asked to think about the journey from today till next year to reach the above defined ‘awesome’ in terms of what can help to reach there and what could be the possible hindrances and/or challenges! The inputs were again grouped and discussed. Actions were listed down.