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Ran this Retrospective for a one day workshop. It was called Quality Exchange workshop with the following Agenda on a high level:

6 different organizations (with 4 participants from each) participated. Most of them were QAs, though anyone responsible for the quality of the product could do so! Four groups were formed with people from different organizations.The workshop had the following Agenda on a high level:

a) Discussion Activity: where the participants discussed a pre-filled survey consisting of Tools & Practices, QA Practices, Agile Practices, Culture etc.

b) Challenges Activity: where different challenges faced were voted upon and discussed.

c) Marketplace Activity: open discussion forum on subjects voted upon by the group.

d) Lessons Learnt hour: All groups were given 15 minutes to summarise what they learned throughout the day and present the highlights to the rest!

Apart from the above, there were ice breaker activities, games and lightning talks throughout the day!

Now about the retro that I ran!

Divided it into two activities:

a) First one was a generic retro like activity with two columns. First one for ONE main takeaway for every participant from the day. Asked the participants to write one card for this column. Quickly went through all of them after it was done, discussing things in a bit more detail if required. The second one was for ‘Suggestions and Improvements’. This was run like a normal retro, asked everyone to put post-its and then discussed.

b) Emotional Timeline: This is a good activity which brings out how the participants felt at different times during the day. Use the x axis for time with major events for the day and y axis for emotions. Asked the participants to put a word depicting an emotion on a post-it and place it on the graph/timeline, positive emotion would be placed higher on the y-axis as compared to the negative ones! It brought up interesting entries like anxious, excited, curious, hungry, sleepy, happy etc. Go through all and discuss the ones which stand out!