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A lot of my time on weekends has been spent on hiking since the beginning of this year! From occasional hikes now and then to creating a hiking group for friends and preparing for the Inca Trail, hiking is something I really enjoy now!

Five Reasons I love it:

  1. It’s a very good form of exercise. Going to the gym and spending time amidst/on the machines has never been my thing! Hiking comes as an amazing alternative!
  2. Nature is very inspiring, in every possible way! Being in nature magnifies one’s emotions and changes very simple things like the way one reacts to situations in a very subtle way!
  3. The real conversations with people are generally not made in pubs/bars in half drunken state! People connect more in absence of Wi-Fi when they have no option but to speak and communicate!
  4. The things that you see are very rewarding! I have seen a lot of beautiful views and locations which can only be accessed on foot! There is so much to see, feel and appreciate around us!
  5. It’s one of the best possible uses of my time. Love it when I can think about a lot of things and go into a mode of self-realisation and introspection while hiking!