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Find Me, Laura Van Den Berg’s debut work, is a dystopian novel. I picked this one only because it was on some ‘must-read’ list! And now I wonder why? 

It’s a story narrated by Joy, a 20 something girl, who was abandoned by her mother as an infant. She grows up with foster parents and was working at a drugstore (with an uncanny addiction to cough syrups) when some mysterious pandemic hits America killing millions.

Joy ends up in a hospital where Dr. Bek runs experiments on her along with 74 others for they are immune and have survived. Half of the novel is about her life in hospital and her friendships with people there. And the rest is about Joy’s journey from Kansas to Florida to find her mother after she escapes from the hospital. They stay at a weird house with a couple where they play weird games and the book has an element of surrealism embedded there, which didn’t quite work out for me!!

The novel describes the nature, buildings and the surroundings so vividly! Laura’s use of adjectives and phrases to describe the above is just superb! This was the only thing that stood out for me. Apart from that, it’s just another novel about apocalypse! There is no storyline, no proper closure (which I crave for most of the times) and even the emotional angle of Joy looking out for her mother was not very touching. That’s pretty much it.

Some quotes:

“We believe what we see, whether it’s real or not.”

“If you have no way to mark the hours, no variance in the days, time will open its mouth and swallow you.”