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This is post #58 in 100DaysOfBloggingChallenge

Been long since I wrote about random five things! When I stop running in life …. from life, I think a lot of things this world and its people need to do more often! Here are my top five:

  1. Empathize: Recently when I was supposed to fill in the ‘value’ I cherish the most somewhere, and I chose empathy over anything else!  I truly consider it much more important than sympathy. I don’t like to sympathize, rather I would like to show empathy! I accept the same for myself. It could mean listening with patience, accepting someone’s weakness, situation’s criticality or maybe just acknowledging the helplessness! I believe that lot of times sympathy might make me feel weak whereas empathy gives me a ground, a belongingness, and strength.
  2. Read: The more I read, the more I want to read more! It’s just that simple. Blessed are the souls who thought of things like books. Bibliophilia is the bestest of all, you will never be disappointed! 
  3. Connecting in a real and ‘human’ way: It’s really overwhelming to see what have we done to ourselves in the name of socializing and ‘fun’. Social media is the home for our friendships, likes are limited to hitting a button, partying hard is the IN thing and ups your ‘coolness’ quotient.   Are we really so much at a loss for words that emojis express most emotions? Are we too busy to have real conversations? Shouldn’t we talk to know, explore, connect and create moments as much as we can, wherever we can?
  4. Spending quality with our own self: I learned it the harder way how important it is to know ourselves in terms of what we want, what we don’t, what might make us happy, sad. I am just a particle in the universe but I am a whole world in myself! This thought by Jean-Paul really resonates with me: ‘If you are lonely when you are alone, you are in bad company’. So, what do I do when I am spending time with myself?? I have my own ways… think and ponder, go for long walks, spend time in nature, go through old photos, play my favorite soft songs, close my eyes….hum along…or just relax, play my favorite dance number at full volume and shut out the world! Different things work at different times!
  5. Travel, see the world: Get out of the comfort of your house, go see the world! Few hours drive, a day trip, a hike somewhere, a weekend getaway, a week long holiday or a sabbatical! Do whatever you can, whenever you can.Don’t wait for that special occasion, that milestone, that season, that someone to travel with. If you want to do it, you will find a way to get around all the generic excuses like lack of money, time and blah blah. If you try, you can find a lot of stories on the web to inspire you! Investing in experiences is so much worth it!