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This was a simple game to show the importance of collaboration among team members.

  1. Attendees were asked to form pairs.
  2. One person was given a A4 sheet of paper and the other was given a sheet with instructions to make a paper swan. The person who was folding did not see the instructions or din’t know what it was supposed to do.


3.  For the first round, they were asked to sit with their backs to each other.  The instructor verbally read out the instructions, was not allowed to see anything, the person folding was not allowed to ask any questions.

This is what we had after the first round:


Clearly, none of them is anything close to a swan!!!

4. For the second round, make them sit facing each other. the instructor could see but not make any suggestions or corrections. The folder was allowed to ask as many questions.

5. For the third and final round, they sat facing each other. The instructor gave instructions, made suggestions and corrections at every wrong fold, the folder was allowed to ask any number of questions.

This was the result:


Much better!! More the collaboration, the better it is!