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This is post #54 in 100DaysOfBloggingChallenge

This one was about forming habits, which can be applied to anything in general.

What is a habit?

Actions performed routinely in certain contexts and situations.

Why habits?

  • To make anchor behaviour
  • To master a skill
  • To save energy

The four variables for habit development are:

1) Patience: Be patient till a habit is formed. It takes a minimum of 18 days and maximum of 254 days to form a habit, the average being 66 days!

2) Small steps: Start with small steps.

3) Schedule: Habits for better when done regularly and frequently. Do the activity at the same time daily if possible.

4) Convenience: Tie the new habit to something you already do! Like flossing with brushing. A key to habit forming is making it as convenient as possible.

To track your habit forming, start a habit calendar.

  • Print an empty calendar.
  • Mark the date when you do your activity with a tick and cross the dates when you don’t.
  • Record and keep an eye on streaks.