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Norman Bodek’s keynote session on the second day of Last Conference was one of the most inspiring sessions I have ever attended.

Some highlights and takeaways:

He started his talk with talking about Lean and used this definition of waste from Taichi Ohno

last4While talking about ideal state and waste, he talked about what could be a great /ideal life?

  • When one is respected
  • Praised
  • Rewarded
  • Work is fun and challenging
  • When one is growing and learning

And he concluded with saying that it’s most important that you are self-reliant – when you do what you want to do while serving others

And the Nagata’s model of life

Life Long Learning

Active Service And

Retirement at Death


About What’s missing in Agile/Lean?

It was amusing when he quoted this as the 8th waste:

“Underutilization of People’s talents”

And the 9th Waste as:

“Manager’s resistance to change”


A big part of his talk was about goals and being a champion. He asked these questions:

Are you a master of something needed by others?

Do you have a goal of what you want to do to be successful?

And defined ideal YOU as

Ideal you = (You are  master at something needed by others) minus  (Where you are now)

One needs to pick a Goal and never give up.

I found this very powerful:

“Learn how not to listen to our mind but how to use it”

One of the highlights of the session was Takashi Harada’s method to build champions:


You can find Norman’s explanation of the method here in this video:

He also quoted a lot of things from Bhagwad Gita, which happens to be one of his favorite reads.

I think this is how he ended the session:

There is nothing in this world you cannot have if you know how to ask.