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This one by @microhering was the first session I attended in LAST conference! It was about Transformations: a brief history, what works, what doesn’t and why few things don’t work while the others do!

A couple of reasons quoted for failed Agile transformations were:

  • Legacy Applications
  • Lack of great Product Owners
  • Working with Wrong Mental Model. He talked about the factory model which is predictable production process allowing the measurement of productivity and output easier.

This quote says it all:


Few difference and similarities between the factory model and IT:

  • Factory model is based on functional specialization of labor.
  • Upfront planning is important in factory model. Once the machine/plant gets going, it’s difficult to change it without bringing it down. This does not apply to IT world!
  • Automation improves productivity, which applies to IT world upto some extent.
  • Economies of scale and effort of scaling  are different in both the environments. Adding even a single person in IT is adding complexity, whereas copying a process is comparatively easy in a factory.

What is the best Agile Method is a million dollar question. People or organisations generally try to master a method or framework like SaFE. But then Why do the issue happen and why do the wins get drowned?

Firstly, because people think they can do one thing and make it work. Actually, they have to do a lot of things to make it work.

Secondly, Technology and evolving architecture demand change in organisational structure.

Thirdly, the transition in People’s head is more important than the transition in docs.

Also showed the 3 dimensions of change:


Also, success does not come instantly. The below graph is quite interesting! Initial excitement might be a peak of False success which needs to be followed by a lot of patience and work towards improving things to get real success.