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We played this game in one of the sessions in the LAST (Lean, Agile Systems Thinking).

This is how we played:

  1. There were four teams. Each time was given a list of five different keywords and a definition list/sheet to write definitions of the keywords. Participants were not allowed to mention the keywords on the definition list.
  2. After the first round, the definition list from each team was given to the team on the right. So, Team B had the definition list of Team A, Team C had the definition list of Team C and so on.
  3. Now each team was asked to guess the keyword list based on the definition list they had.
  4. Next, the keywords list was moved to the team on right and the team would write a definition for it.
  5. We continued till four rounds to get four sheets per table at the end. Team A had their original definition list, a keyword list,  followed by a definition list and last keyword list.
  6. Collect all the relevant keyword-definition lists on each table and teams were asked to arrange them in order.
  7. Each team found out which words were guessed correctly by the fourth team! For the wrong word, we figured out where did it go wrong!

It’s interesting to see how different teams interpret the terms and definitions differently and that’s depicted in the final list of the keywords after two rounds of redefining and interpretation.

The keyword list for our team was:

  1. Agile
  2. Bug
  3. Backlog
  4. Code
  5. Status


And in the end, we had the sheets like this for our team:


Interestingly note how the keyword ‘Status’ was interpreted incorrect by the second team itself but the wrong meaning was interpreted correctly thereafter.