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6th year of LAST (Lean Agile Systems Thinking) Conference and it’s getting better and better undoubtedly! It was a two-day event and the first day started off with Keynote Session by Dr. Peter Senge.

Dr. Peter Senge is a System’s thinker, currently a senior lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management and author of the book ‘The Fifth Discipline’.

He started with talking about the importance of reflection, in the technology world and in general. This quote is worth remembering:

‘Its only through reflection that we change the history’.

A large part of the session was about Awareness based Systemic Changes. He focussed on how to make change management and transformations easier in organizations. And the role of management or rather the ‘changed’ role of management to achieve this. Recommended the book ‘Systemic Change Management’ by Anthony J. DiBella and George L. Roth’ and some reading on  www.presencing.com.

While talking about leaders, he mentioned that all good leaders are good listeners. Managers should listen rather than projecting their views on someone.

In the same context, he touched the ever famous Servant Leadership and recommended readingRobert K Greenleaf’s book on Servant Leadership.

He used Nike’s Road to Zero campaign as an example while talking about sustainability. The good thing about his session was he intertwined the technical aspect and the human or people’s side of the technical world together very effectively.

He also recommended reading books by Mark Buber!