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This is a quick game to bring out everyone’s understanding of Agile Terms / Concepts.

Got the idea from here and made few minor changes:

This is how we played:

  1. Form two teams.
  2. Ask each person from a team to create 4-5 post it notes with an Agile term or concept on each.
  3. Fold them and colect in a pile for each team. You will end with one pile for each team.
  4. One member from a team will read the post it (from their own pile) and has to describe the term verbally to the other team. Using any words in the term while describing it are forbidden.
  5. When the other team guesses the term, next member from the first team will explain the next term.
  6. Continue till all the terms are done
  7. We noted down the time taken by a team to guess all the terms from the other team.


Its a fun game not really paid for winning!