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Ship of Brides is my first read from Jojo Mayes. I picked this one for two reasons: the catchy title and the fact that I liked the movie Me Before You based on a novel by Jojo!

600 Australian war brides are onboard an aircraft carrier to unite with their husbands in 1946! They are on a unique voyage from Australia to England! Some of them have been with their beloveds for a very very short time, some are pregnant but the one thing common is that they are all full of hope and love!

Four brides, completely different personalities, end up together being roommates. As a reader, you will get to know details of only their lives and stories, marriages or the people they get involved with on the ship. Some characters like Frances and Maggie, two of the four brides, are very likable! Some are childish young girls and indulge in all sorts of entertainment on the ship like participating in beauty contests, late night parties and so on!

People on board have scars, scars from the war and life in general and that’s what made it a moving story. There is sadness, joy, fun, surprises, and disappointments throughout the journey making it quite realistic! At the end, I wished there was a sequel and I could read about what happened to each one of them when they met their husbands! I was very satisfied that my favorite story had a beautiful end in the book, will not spoil it for the readers here :). Looking forward to reading more of Jojo’s work!

Some quotes:

“The only people who still have all the answers are those who have never been faced with the questions”