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This is post #31 in 100DaysOfBloggingChallenge

This is the continuation of the Forever Fallacy !!

Apart from Love, is there anything that lasts forever?

A word of kindness lasts forever, ain’t it? It’s again about the difference it makes to someone’s life! It might look short-lived but it never is. It stays and often makes the receiver pass it on to someone else.

Memories.. do they last forever? The bad ones? The good ones? Both? Aren’t they timeless? Everlasting?? Memories are shapeless but they shape our stories and our tomorrows!

Hope is my favourite ‘forever’ thing! Sometimes it’s a tiny spark, sometimes it’s a fire! It might be eclipsed by fear but it is always there! Another favourite quote goes like this: “Fight for the fairy tale, it does exist!”

In times of despair, find your solace in hope! You will never be disappointed!

All these things are far from the bucket of materialism. They don’t cost anything, yet they are so rewarding and are often abundant! Why can’t we be KIND, LOVING, create beautiful MEMORIES and HOPE for the best always!!!