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Forever is an astonishing concept!  It makes me think. A lot.

What lasts forever??

What, if lost, is lost forever??

Something seemed like it was forever. Hell broke loose and the ‘forever’  diminished. And then, it happens again!  Sometimes it is better than before, sometimes it’s not as perfect but is still there! So if it was forever, why didn’t it last forever? How could there be a second forever? Is forever a fleeting phenomenon? Or is one just incapable of identifying the forever?

LOVE, falling in love…. Butterflies in stomach….who wouldn’t want it to be forever??? At some point or other, almost everyone finds love which is rosy enough to be called forever. Lucky are those for whom it stays like this! The rest, they lose the love … to death? To circumstances? To misunderstanding? For the luckier few, love bestows its blessings again! So then, can it be called forever?

This quote by Maya Angleou is one of my favourites:

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Love, on its two sides of loving and being loved, is a feeling. It’s an experience. An experience that is felt in a moment. The moment passes by but the experience and the feeling lingers, for long. One can feel it even in the absence of its physicality! Does that make it forever? Are humans  just a medium to make this experience a reality.

Assuming love as forever, it sounds just right if one thinks it must exist… in some form or the other… silent, hidden, very obvious, unrequited, fulfilling? Is that why failures in love are not permanently disheartening?  Is that why one is capable and courageous enough  to fall in love again and again, several times?? Is that why one never gives up? Is that why they say ‘Never Say Never’!!!