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Cusco, once the capital of the vast Inca empire, is located in Southern Peru and is a popular tourist attraction!

There are prominent Inca sites around Cusco and everyone visiting Machu Pichu has to visit Cusco and then go to Ollantaytambo!

Most of the Incan streets, classic stone-paved Inca Style, are still retained as is…


The Inca stone walls…


These roads were meant for pedestrians only but now some of them are one-way streets for cars also…. and you have to jump up to narrow footpaths when a car approaches…


This is a very famous stone, for it has 12 corners. They say it was specially cut like this to fit here!


The main square has buildings with carved wooden windows ….


And feel of Spanish architecture all over…


The Cathedrals are beautiful….


And the night views…




Cusco is a very warm welcoming city! Very friendly people!.

I would suggest staying near the city square, region called Old Cusco to get the real Incan feel and just stroll away from all the amazingness in the city square!

City Square has awesome cafes, cool dance clubs (you can hear blasting buildings from small buildings while passing by), local shops and very good restaurants. Do try their desserts, perfect medley of local and modern flavours!