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This is post #22 in 100DaysOfBloggingChallenge

On my way to work, I see few fake trees, with bright orange leaves in a building.

Those vibrant trees are the inspiration for this:


I walk past that building every morning

glance through the huge glass walls

those bright orange trees…

I know they are not for real

they still always do

grab my attention

for those few  fleeting seconds


I look around….

humans rushing to work,

most poker-faced, withered by life,

engrossed in their phones

seemingly oblivious to lots of things

unaware of the world

lost in their thoughts….


I think about the trees…

Always vibrant, oozing energy

standing proud, calm and serene

soaking in the beauty,

unfurling the radiance,

and I ponder and wonder

Has too much in life has robbed all the liveliness from us?

Where has the vivacity disappeared!!!