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Richard Newton proved it that big surprises come in small packages! This one was much more than a surprise! By far, my best non fiction read! A book that  you should buy and read many times!

So what’s so special about this book?

  1. It’s small and concise!
  2. The format: it tells you 9 habits, plenty of stories, figures and diagrams to make it captivating. Never boring at all, there is no repetition, no redundant words in there!  It’s just so engaging.
  3. The subject applies to anyone and everyone!

These are the 9 habits:



Tons of captivating pages like this….




I’ll just jot down the takeaways and skip my favourite quote section…

  • One needs to discipline one’s thoughts. Thinking big will generate better ideas, better decisions, increased creativity, more understanding, greater insight, better judgement!
  • Life consists of what someone is thinking all day! Find out what matters to you , then prioritise your energy.
  •  Some people decide to use their minds to be agreeing machine instead of deciding machines. The author  thinks it’s being ‘stupid on purpose’
  • Either you digest life or life digests you.
  • A concept called Sargasso Sea of mind: Sargasso sea in the north Atlantic ocean is middle of four powerful ocean currents that swirl around and creates a vortex that gathers in one place all the Ocean’s seaweed and floating crap. The Sargasso Sea of mind is full of opinions of other, pressure of work, hearsay, pinging phone, twitter, trolls, prejudices, busyness, fear and biases.  To think big, avoid this mental clutter of Sargasso Sea.
  • People forget to take the time to reflect, they are busy achieving some objectives but not what they want, they are deep in Sargasso sea of other people’s thoughts.
  • You are not a tabula rasa or clean state. You are the sum of all that you have experienced, good and bad.
  • Surround yourself with great ideas as well as great people. Have people who argue with you, discuss with you and not who always agree with you on everything
  • One important ingredient of thinking big is idleness, don’t confuse it with laziness. You need to give yourself time and space. You cannot be busy all the times, it will impact your ability to think and be creative.
  • Notice things! The universe is always trying to show you things!Don’t shut off your mind: Notice, contemplate and get inspired!
  • He explains how ‘Yes But .. ‘ is actually a No and ‘Yes And  ..’ Accepts the reality, and the feedback and turn that energy to your advantage…
  • The strongest rope that ties you is in your head!
  • Lighten your baggage: Couple of tips to think clearly: Be someone else or Be somewhere else!

It’s a powerful book, a sure recommendation! Not many books are such a delight to read!