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This is post #16 in 100DaysOfBloggingChallenge

Friday nights……

Ear blasting music, foot-tapping beats

Or peeking through old pictures, reliving old memories


Friday nights….

Cacophony of pubs, clinking of glasses

Or comfort of cooking, steaming bowl of soup


Friday nights…..

Being lonely in a crowd, friends and strangers

Or rustling of pages, solace in a book


Friday nights….

Hustle and Bustle of life, scintillating lights of city

Or cosiness of a couch, soft soothing music


Friday nights….

Delectable meal at a fancy restaurant, lots of tittle-tattle

Or Old 90’s movie, a box of popcorn & a  Nutella sandwich!


Friday nights….

Aimless wanderings, reckless shopping, social media obsession

Or a meaning conversation, penning down few words, some introspection!

P.S. Any resemblance to anyone Friday nights’ is purely coincidental 😉