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Day 2  is the most dreaded day of the Inca trail! This is the day people prepare for, this is the day when people are sent back! Once you are halfway across Day 2, you know you can make it!

Why is it so scary? Because you start from 3100m and reach Warmiwanusqa Pass at a height of 4215 m. Also called as Deadly Woman’s Pass, this is the maximum height for the trail! The total distance is 10 Kms for the whole day!

BTW, it’s called as a Dead Woman’s Pass because when viewed from the descending valley, resembles a supine women.

We started walking at 6:30 a.m. and it certainly din’t look so scary…


The Views were amazing, the actual feel of the Inca Trail…


The gorgeous waterfall…


Just to mention, I had packed my big camera inside my backpack, I knew that would be more of a hindrance!

And then it became it harder..


It was just rocks and steps, all the time!


And me tired… on the way..


You need lots of water, energy bar and coca candies…

Llamas on the way…


When I reached the top, I was like half an hour behind the group.. it was foggy, chilly and I was dead tired…still posed for THE pic…Its 7 kms till this point! 


When people talk about Day 2, they just talk about reaching the Dead Woman’s Pass. By the time I reached there, I had spent all the energy already and the descent was equally horrifying with those wobbly legs…

Doing an ascent of 900m and then a decent of about 600 m made it a strenuous day!


This is just from the start of the decent from the Deadly Woman’s Pass…


I had no energy to even click any pictures after a while I guess. Our tour leader was kind enough to carry my backpack for quite some time and every single step that I took was to reach the campsite.

Without a tiny bit of exaggeration, I can say that never ever in my life have felt so exhausted like I did that day! We camped at 3600 m at Pacamayo.