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Inca Trail is one of the few and undoubtedly the most famous ones to hike! A total of around 43 Kms to be covered in 4 days to reach the iconic Machu Pichu! This one was the highlight and the reason I went to Peru for a holiday…. one thing ticked off the bucket list!

It is an experience one of its kind.. the rivers, majestic Andes, gorgeous sunsets, clouds below and above you, everything is picture perfect! The hike takes you up and down from 2800 m above sea level to a maximum height of 4210 m and then back to Machu Pichu level i.e. 2400 m!


From Cusco, you go to a town called Ollantaytambo, the last big stop to buy snacks or any hiking gear etc. If not doing the hike, you catch a train from here to Machu Pichu town.

The hikers go to a point called KM 82, where they check your passports, Inca Trail permit and the trail starts from here!

My favourite souvenir from the trip 🙂



KM 82 is at 2800 m above sea level and the finishing point at te end of day 1 is around 3100m! It is 11.8 Kms, mostly flat and it doesn’t seem a lot mainly because of all the excitement.


The luxury way of reaching Machu Pichu…


The trail looks like this on Day 1…




The Urubamba Valley..


You also see an important Inca Site called  Patallaycta


Some scientists believe it to be a shrine and some think of it as an agricultural complex. Whatever it is, it looks amazing from an elevated angle!

One of the panoramic views captured that day..


Hats off to the porters who carried 8 kgs for each one of us and were always way ahead of us!


First day campsite was Huayllabamba at an altitude of 3100m above sea level!

Day 1 is considered as the easiest day of the hike inspite of the longest distance travelled on any day, mainly because there is not much travel altitude wise! It as our first night in the campsite after a  full day of excitement!

This is also the day where you don’t actually are on the Inca Trail laid by the Incas! The Inca trail is characterised by the rocky paths which you will see in the upcoming posts!