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A while ago, I wrote about Shu-Ha-Ri as a Japanese learning concept and how it applies to the Agile world! I can definitely resonate with the steps of ‘follow’ , ‘break’ and ‘be’ the rule as an Agile Practitioner and otherwise also! It actually eases out a lot of frustration in the initial journey if you realise it’s not a straight forward process to do something ‘right’! So what after you are in the ‘Ri’ stage ???

Alistair Cockburn’s keynote session in the 1st conference in March was around the Heart of Agile, i.e. four core values of Deliver, Collaborate, Reflect and Improve.

He started from this:





And then expanded the four values into simpler terms/actions like this:


There’s nothing new in what I am writing here, we all have read and mugged up the Agile Manifesto and the Agile Principles! We understand most of it by now and lot of us have implemented well upto some extent!

My takeaway from the session was how he talked about Radical Simplification!

“Learn the heart of something, just master the basics”

Kokoro is a Japanese term which translates to ‘heart of things’ and the above  ‘Radical Simplification’ is the Kokoro of Agile!

It’s a stage a team, organization or an individual attains after kind of mastering the instructions and rules till the extent where they follow the basics, the heart of Agile and it works like magic!