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Visited the National Gallery of Victoria today to see the famous collection of paintings by Van Gogh.

Van Gogh, one of the most famous artists in the world, was a Dutch painter who created about 2100 paintings in about a decade. Considered a madman while he was alive, he became truly famous only after he died.

He had a close affinity towards nature and this collection was his ‘seasons’ collection, borrowed from Amsterdam Museum.

Lot of his paintings are inspired from all four  seasons but it is believed that he might have been a bit partial towards autumn…

He was a self taught artist who was very expressive in his numerous letters to his brother Theo! He got inspiration from nature , its seasons and also painted some still lifes, including something as mudane as apples, cabbages and pumpkins..We owe  him for lot of beautiful quotes..


He used both watercolors and oil colors in his work!

No photos can do justice to his amazing paintings with masterful strokes, but here are some pictures…( It was difficult to click pictures with so many ppl around, some of them are bit tilted! Nonetheless, they are beautiful!)


This was the first we saw.. a lone woman dressed in mourning attire walking on a tree lined road. He got the inspiration from French Poetry ‘Tristement’!


Reaping potatoes..


This one has exactly 31 leaves and the context is a biblical reference….


Love the intricacies of this one…


Van Gogh was living in an asylum six months before he painted this…His famous ‘rhythmical brushstrokes’ in this one with a stone bench, fountain and the garden give life to everything in this painting!


Van Gogh has talked about the spiritual and anthropomorphic qualities of trees in lot of his letters. He saw his state of mind being reflected in trees and painted lots around trees!


Some more from the autumn collection…


Notice the little human figures in this one!!!



Less colors in the winter ones….


Striking bareness in this one…


The reflections…



This was my favourite collection… very intricate and colorful….


Just the grass..


The chestnut tree..


This one below was painted soon after he was going through a deep psychological crisis. He has arrested extreme detail in this one. This is how it was described: ‘Looking into the grass, he observes the bright greens of new spring grass competing with the flickering whites and yellows of the meadow grasses and dandelions. He also depicts, with something like wonder, the base f a forked pine tree. His eyes translate its rough bark as a geometric pattern of colored stripes’.



This collection had lot of bright colors, few paintings showing wheat harvesting

And some with flowers!

There was only one bookmark available, (which of course I bought!).  It was this one…

This one is so unlike his style, lot of big strokes!

It was also used in the big posters and billboards.

One more from Summer…

And the self portrait…

Ending with this beautiful quote by him..