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This is post #3 in my 100DaysOfBlogging Challenge!

Nazca lines, mysterious geoglyphs in the arid region of Nazca, are one of the major tourist attractions of Peru!

Dated around 500 BC, they are spread over 450 square kilometres! There are about 70 figures of animals, birds, trees and flowers! The exact purpose of these lines is unknown till date though there are numerous interesting theories!

The lines are about 55 cm deep and some of them are so huge that their shape can be appreciated only through an aerial view! That makes some astronomers believe that they were meant for the eyes of the God.

This one below is called ‘astronaut’


And the spider…



Only few of the Nazca Lines are viewable properly form a platform..like this tree…


The parrot…


The insect is quite huge…


The bird is quite cute..


The hummingbird


Some geometrical figure… the precision is astounding…


One needs to take 40-45 minute flight to enjoy this engineering marvel by the Nazcas! Just don’t eat too much before going on this adventure.


I was in a two seater plane and it went right and left of all the lines so that both of us could view the lines!

Nazca is one of the most arid places in the world, it hardly rains 30-40 mins in whole year here! The views of the arid planes are quite nice!


It was a one of kind experience and highly recommended if you are in Peru!