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You probably might have heard about such challenges in the blogging world, but for me it’s for the first time (I blogged everyday for a whole month once two years ago)! The idea is to blog non-stop for 100 days!

A quick glance of my recent  blogging history shows I have done it 5-6 days in a row without any challenge few times!  So, why taking this challenge officially?

Firstly, I like challenges and over achieving them is ecstasy. Silimar to what I felt when I read 76 books in 2016 for a 75 books reading challenge on goodreads!

Secondly, it’s a way of inculcating discipline in life! It can flow from one part of life to another!

Thirdly, I have lot of pending posts and unfinished drafts which need some love!

Fourthly, I do like blogging 🙂 and I want to explore new territories!


Firstly, what will I write about? I’ll need ideas, varied so neither me nor the readers get bored! Feel free to throw any suggestions 🙂

Has anyone reasing this done this before?

Secondly, there are days when you really have no time to post, plus I am travelling for a week in July!

Ill consider this my second post so the challenge started on 25 May, though officially annouced just today! You will hear more from me till 1 September 2017 !

Happy Blogging