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Island of Taquile is about 2 hours boat ride from Puno. And the boat ride in on Lake Titicaca which is the highest navigable lake in the world and home to the floating of Uros!


Its a beautiful island which is very serene, both nature and the people!


There are no vehicles and you have to discover the island on foot! Inhabited by about 2000 people, it has all amenities like school, hospital, restaurants and some unique customs!


Island people do lot of knitting, predominantly done by men! Yes, its kinds mandatory for men to be skilled so as to get a good match! A man has to knit a hat to impress his  in laws and it is tested by the Father in law by putting water in it. if the water does not drip, its great, else… he might be rejected as the son-in-law!!

Women, in turn knit belts for themselves when they marry!

Marital status of a man is also depicted by the tip of the hat! White tip shows he is bachelor! People still wear the hand knit things as part of their normal attire!


You walk a bit uphill to reach the main square, at about 4017 m above sea level. There is a handicraft shop there!

Families take turn to sell at the market so everyone gets a chance to earn! Part of the entrance fee also goes to the village!


One of the main attractions for the tourists is lunch at one of the restaurants! Restaurants also work in rosters for tourists! Fair opportunity for everyone!

Parts of islands are terraces for farming…


Scarcity of resources make people quite creative, look at the door hinges…


Most day tours for Lake Titicaca from Puno include Floating islands and Island of Taquile! Its a good place to visit, but if you don’t have enough time, skip this one but not the Floating islands!