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Who says Bollywood or any main stream cinema is just a waste of time! Little thought and one can learn life lessons, aye!! And maybe it makes more sense when the lesson(s) is(are) live on screen!

From ‘Meri Pyari Bindu’, bollywood flick released last Friday,  starring my favourite Ayushman Khurrana (reason I watched it on big screen!!) :

  1. If you don’t know what makes you happy (read ‘your life lacks your biggest passion/love’), NOTHING can make you happy…not even a person loving you heaps and tons!
  2. You run after something or someone and it’s very likely that your attention/love won’t be reciprocated.
  3. When the above distances itself from you, you immediately want to get it back!  If you are lucky, it will still be waiting for you.
  4. If you are not-so-lucky, like most people (LOL), you have no option but to move on.
  5. If you learnt something from above 4, most likely you can still find happiness!!
  6. Only thing you wish for people you love is their happiness, with you (yay)  or without you (Sigh!). For the latter case, if you can still say ‘I am happy for you’, you have a good heart (and you are cute like Ayushmaan!!).
  7. No matter what, don’t let go of people who love you or care about you! Don’t burn the bridges, make things work and find a common ground…now or a bit later , but do it!
  8. There are multiple ways, many things and lot of people which/who can make you happy! You just need to find it/them, it might not be where you are looking, hahaha!


And like Ayushman says multiple times in the movie ‘Everyone tells you how to love, noone tells you how to forget it’ !!


Guess, I watched the movie very diligently 😉