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Finally, got time when I am sane enough to write about the trip :)! Never knew food lag can be worse than jet lag, sigh!!

I’ll start with the question I have answered quite a lot of times in last month or so!

Why did I choose Peru for a vacation?? One fine day, I added Inca Trail on my bucket list and just to mak it clear, it was Inca Trail, not Machu Pichu!! Last year I felt I should do it sooner rather than later, wise realisation!!

What inspired me to add it to my bucket list? Well, a book! Reading that book costed me quite a bit, lol! My bank account lost several thousand dollars in lieu of amazing memories and unforgettable experience! NO regrets!

Anyway, now about the trip! It was a 14 day trip run by Exodus, a U.K. based travel agency and my fellow travellers were 6 amazing Brits! Most of it was by road…. We saw different shades of the amazing Andes…and of course THE Inca Trail!

Day 1

I reached Lima a day before the official trip started. Did a city tour with a tour agency…. Well I was a bit scared of going out alone in Peru…

Lima is quite humid and dry and grey sky is a common sight!


Saw the Love Park or El Parque del Amor, which is inspired by Gaudi’s park in Barcelona…


Drove through the city …


to reach Lima Downtown… loved the architecture ..


An hour or so to capture everything in photos….


The Cathedral was beautiful….

The old library….


Day 2

Started on road  (in a big bus for just 8 of us!!) for Paracas, which is a district in Region of Ica!Boat trip to Ballestas Island to see sea lions, Pelicans and Humbdolt Penguins.. Ballestas has one of the highest concentration of Marine birds in the world…

And the mysterious geolyph of Candelabra.. pre-Inca design…


After lunch, visited a plant.. and saw how Pisco is made

Pisco is used to make Pisco Sour, Peru’s national drink..


Day 3

Started off the day by  quick visit to the oasis of Huacachina, in middle of nowhere..


And then reached the town of extremely dry town of Nazca…


for a crazy 40 mins flight to see THE Nazca lines…

And one more crazy buggy ride in desert dunes of Nazca…


Beautiful Sunset in the desert..


Day 4

It as a long day with 12 hours in bus to reach Chalhuanca. But the Andes were mesmerising…


Day 6:

Visited ruins of  Inca Saywiti stone and Tarawasi on the way

And reached Cusco, the capital city of Inca Empire. Cusco still retains the charm and vibe of Incan Times…