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Wrote this poem today as part of an exercise where Agilists are supposed to convince some executives to be Agile.

Let’s get out of boredom,

and make our ‘people’ awesome!

Let’s come together and collaborate,

success and failures, all we shall celebrate!

What will help us is belief and trust,

adapt and evolve, we all must!

However different we may all seem,

let’s trust one another and become a team!

Let’s not make it mandatory to follow a process,

working software we will use to measure our success!

Let’s deliver early but not in haste,

something that provides value and is not a waste!

Let’s fail fast, learn and track,

the sooner the better we get the feedback!

Let’s Plan, Do, Check and Act,

let’s be graceful in how we react!

Let’s adopt processes which are lean,

clear lotsa mess and make things more clean!

Let’s try not to be stupid and fools,

let’s empower teams and individuals by means of tools!

Upto some extent we need ‘doco’ and contract negotiation,

let’s also be more brave to do experimentation!

SCRUM, Kanban or XP, I really do not care,

as long as it gives you room to learn, interact, improve and share!

I am sure you definitely don’t want to be ‘fragile’,

guess you now have enough reasons to be Agile!!



Only the very weak minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry

~Cassandra Clare