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She was beauty, she was grace

Slow and steady, she would win any race!


She was a question , she was an answer,

Words or expressions, always full of candor


She would love, she would care,

She was gold and pure as a prayer!


She was a confidant, a wonderful friend

She was a saga which did not have an end!


Myriads of emotions, more colorful than a rainbow,

Sweet was her smile and charming her glow!


She was cool and she had fire,

She was a mystery, everyone’s desire!


And , beautiful contribution by a friend , Sakshi  (9/03/2017)


She was a lady, she was wild
She was curious, innocence of a child

She was a warrior, she had a tribe
With so much wisdom, she had a cool vibe

Some called her destiny, some hope
There was nothing she could not cope

The courage of a lion, an epitome of strength
She loved and lived in the moment