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A total of 76 books read ! What an year it has been!

While setting the target of 75 books for the whole year, I knew it was pushing myself a bit too much, but glad that I made it! Actually surpassed it!! Finished my 76th book at 3:30 P.M. on 31 December! Though I must admit that it was not easy (atleast for me!!) to achieve this number!

There was a time when I was 4 books ahead of schedule and also when I was 5 books behind the schedule, but finally I could score more than 100%! So wanted to see something more than 100% on Goodreads for my challenge! Well, reading has been and will always be a very rewarding experience 🙂

To reach this number, I have experimented ..with authors, genres, reading times and what not! Some books were inspiring, some entertaining, few were thought provoking and few disappointed a bit! Still no regrets whatsoever!!

Some Highlights…..

  • Book Thief is definitely one of the best fictions I have read! Narrated by ‘death’ Markus Zusak has given us a masterpiece!
  • The Museum of Innocence by Orhan Pamuk is a 1000ish paged love saga, as alluring as its title!
  • Happy to strike-through few of classic ‘must-reads’ from my TBR list like Fahrenheit 451, Metamorphosis, The Old Man and the Sea!
  • Only 3 left to be read by my favourite author Haruki Murakami! Whether it’s IQ84 , The Wild Sheep Chase or The Sputnik Sweetheart, Haruki never disappoints! Kafka on the Shore was a very good one by him, not reviewed yet!
  • Books like The Google Story , Zero to One will inspire me to read more of non fiction next year!
  • Some novellas worth mentioning Anthem by Ayn Rand, Grown Up by Gillian Fynn, Beasts of No Nation and Fear is the Rider ! Small yet substantial and much required to reach that number 😉
  • Philosophical books like Forty Rules of Love and The Just City were heart winners and proved that not all philosophy is boring!!

Overall, very happy with what I read, what worlds I saw through words and new authors I got acquainted with!

For next year, there has to be a number again! Still thinking what it shall be 🙂

Happy Reading! Happy Blogging and a very Happy New Year!