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David Vise’s Google Story is as extraordinary as the company itself! This was my first proper-read about how Google was born and transitioned to the brand that it is today! Gives you a sneak peek into early years of Google!

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two young entrepreneurs started with just a brilliant idea of making online search experience better for the common user, without any money and brought Google to a place where it stands today. Amidst companies with a capitalist vision, Google had a socialistic vision and sticks to it till today. Larry and Sergey did things their own way, not giving in to any pressure , whether it was finances or Stock exchange. Google first proved its excellence at doing searches and then thought of making money without compromising on anything. This itself makes the organization so unique!

The book takes the reader through the time when Google lived in a Palo Alto Garage to 2005, an year after Google went public. From the simplicity of the home page to complexity of PageRank algorithm, how Google nurtures the innovative ideas from Employees, uniqueness of their bidding process for ads behind the scene, hiring of their CEO… everything is alluring and amazingly interesting! Anyone who has used Google must read this one! Need I say anything else!!!