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They liked, loved and appreciated each other,

It was all good, they were friends!


He pissed her off at times, she annoyed him too now and then,

 It was all good , they were friends!


They missed few calls, they were apart for a while,

It was all good, they were friends!


He took her for granted, he judged her sometimes,

She laughed it away, they were friends!


He thought she was forever, he said hurtful things,

She kept quiet, they were friends!


He couldn’t sense her pain, see tears behind her smiles,

She went quiet, they were friends!


There was silence, there was noise,

He felt he missed her, they were friends!


He knocked at the door, she opened her heart out,

He closed his ears, they might be friends!


She let the feelings show, she let the words flow,

She felt far and distant, they might be friends!


He felt he lost her, he felt she had become a stranger,

 He wanted her back, could they be friends (again)?


Her mind was clouded, did she get what she deserved?

 He was regretful, did he lose her forever?


Can the time be forgotten? Can the mistakes be forgiven?

 Can the bad memories be erased? Are they still friends?