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Travelling in India!!


Travel websites these days are not just a way to find the detailed information about your desired destination but more about the right experience to make your holiday memorable. India is a country where you have a host of things to see & do. Adventure freaks, hikers, spiritual seekers, nature admirers, wildlife explorers, history fanatics; there is so much to experience for everyone. Below is a list I put together for the travel lovers like me to have some different, memorable experiences and to make your planning & travel all the more amazing. These sites are ultimate resource in-case you are searching for something that suits your own interests and hobbies instead of just must see, must do cliches.


Padhaaro (http://www.padhaaro.com/) :
Travelling to a new place can give a lot of people jitters. You don’t know the language, the culture, the laws, the locals. Padhaaro mare desh is a…

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