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Hermen Hesse won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1946 for the Glass Bead Game but it din’t spark up any emotion in me, sigh!  I read Siddhartha by  Hesse and few pages of A Journey to the East before reading this one! You need some context to Hermen’s style of writing before you read his last piece, The Glass Bead Game.

In one sentence: It is excessively complicated overdose and overload of philosophy. Glass Bead Game suggests that all arts like music, literature and even science can be represented in symbols aka glass beads. Specially talented students are picked up and trained to be players and master (called Master Ludi) of the game in a special academy!

What generally makes a book stand out for me? The protagonist…. the content of the book… the prose? The Protagonist, Knecht is the youngest master of the Glass Bead Game. Most of the book is his biography. Nothing about Knecht or the Game really amazes the reader. 500+ odd pages are just repetition of the same philosophy, which never made much sense. Book never did justice to the hype it created about the Game. I hardly knew anything about the game after reading the first 250 pages word by word! After that, I did actually skimmed through it quickly.

It failed for me on all three fronts! The first 33 pages of introduction were the most daunting pages for me to read! Rest of the book was blatant boring. No offence against Hermen Hesse and his followers. I would really like to know if someone loved the whole book and if so, what did they get out of it?