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Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka is a very popular novella and probably finds a place in almost every top short books lists!

Gregor Samsa transforms into a human-sized insect one morning! Doing a job he does not love, Gregor has been a provider for his family. He struggles to accept his new form where he can understand everything his parents and sister talk about but cannot communicate back. From someone very important, he becomes a burden. And he is made to realise that by his own family.

Honestly, I did not enjoy reading it much because the author chose the family to be hostile & indifferent towards him after transformation. Always had that bitter feeling in my mind throughout! Was not the best of the reads!

It has got lot of deeper meaning associated in terms of how people around you change depending on what benefit you provide to them, how superficial relations can be and that everything is so circumstantial !! It’s one of the books you can re-read and explore new meanings!