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Can there be anything  more heart wrenching than reading sufferings of a war story seen through the eyes of a child! Uzodinma Iweala’s Debut novel will disturb your peace of mind for sure!

Agu, the narrator, is forced to be a child soldier in an African village after he loses his father in war. When Agu narrates the story of sheer atrocities inflicted upon innocent people in name of war in his broken English, it touches your heart. Even when the diction of the novel is so faulty, the effect it has is impeccable!

It’s so touching to read about so much of bloodshed and gross things which Agu has to witness. Its overwhelming when he reminisces about the reading he used to do with his mum! The words he uses to pen down the sounds of hitting people and gun shots, the descriptions of merciless killings done to aid being killed himself and the innocence of the narration (heap of present continuous tense in the prose) makes it a disturbing but memorable read. It is just enough to make us realise how lucky we all are for having a normal life which is a luxury for lot of people!