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This book is not for the faint-hearted!!

Reasons why I picked this one up:

  1. Was looking up for small reads to keep up with my reading challenge.
  2. Read this about the book: The Prize-Winning Cult Classic and International Bestseller with Over 1 Million Copies Sold
  3. Japanese Author: After reading Murakami’s work, there is something about Japanese authors.

Anyways, I am not going to write much about the book. It was just 100 or so pages, I will have to reveal the plot or whatever if I write much!

It was definitely the most creepy and weird novella I have read. It is incredibly haunting, both because of the content and the style of writing. Three crazy teenagers doing strange stuff like getting a forked snake tongue and a tatto most unique! It has explicit material! Written by a young author, it was quite captivating and quick read, mostly because I wanted to get done with it asap!

All the characters are extreme in their conduct and behaviour. There is nothing normal around this book and it gives you that eerie feeling. There is no reason behind the things characters do in the book, except for them just being weird. That is all!!

P.S. Looks like I have written the most weird review here!!


God has to be a sadist to give people life.

“If you were God, what kind of human would you create?” I asked.

“I wouldn’t change how they look. But I would make them as dumb as chickens. So dumb they’d never even imagine the existence of a god.”