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Just the steps I followed to get started with learning basic Ruby. I just configured Eclipse because I already have it installed on my machine. Any normal text editor would serve the purpose as well.

  1. Download and install Ruby from here.
  2. Set the Environment Variable for Ruby.
  3. Go to command prompt and verify ruby is installed correctly using ‘ruby –version’ command. It should show the ruby version you installed.
  4. Open Eclipse. Go to Eclipse Marketplace and install NodeEclipse plugin.
  5. Go to Eclipse MarketPlace and install DLTK (Dynamic Languages ToolKit)
  6.  Set Ruby Perspective for Eclipse. Go to Window > Open Perspective > Select Other and then Select Ruby
  7. Configuring Ruby interpreter for Eclipse
  •   Go to Eclipse > Window > preference.
  •   Select Ruby > Interpreters
  •    Click on Add
  •   Browse and add the ruby executable. It will be something like this: “C:\Ruby22-x64\bin\ruby.exe”
  • Click OK

8. Create a new Ruby Project in Eclipse.