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“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” Said Shakespeare ages ago! But would you feel the same if someone calls you by any name except your own?? I would NOT want that, for sure!

None of us choose our own name, barring few rare exceptions. But our name stays with us throughout our lives! People, relationships, friends, joys, sorrow… ups and downs of life..all come and go. But we are recognised by our names more than anything else!

For me, my name has a ring to it! I can connect with people more if I get to hear my name. I am more reciprocative when I am addressed by my name now and then in conversations. Even when it is non-verbal communication like online chatting or SMS, just seeing my name being written there in sentences feels so good! It just adds that extra personal touch 🙂

I vaguely remember reading somewhere sometime that hearing their names is one of the best auditory perception for most people! Well, I can confirm it does kinda magic for me. Interestingly, I do take names of people I interact with very often, as in starting a random sentence with their name etc. And I just concluded that I do it more often for some people than others and hardly do it for some! Maybe, I feel connected to few people more and my mind subconsciously does that.

The more I thought about it, more intrigued I was! Do you find this interesting enough? Do you like hearing your own name? Do you use names in your conversations? Or am I the only one who is biased towards my own name, lol! Would love to hear back, whatever it is!! Lets get better at recognising each other and making more ‘connected’ conversations!