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Spent last day of the Indonesia trip learning some authentic Balinese dishes at this amazing Cooking School!

They pick you up from your hotel early morning and take you to a local market!


They show you local veggies, fruits and what is used where and why! People who do not come from ‘asian-like’ cooking background were amazed to see atleast three different kinds of ginger for different purposes!


After strolling in the market for about half an hour, we finally reached the Cooking School. Its set in a farm, you get to cook amidst nature!


After being served welcome drink and refreshments, we had to pick our own vegetables for cooking, which was great fun. BTW, by ‘we’ , I mean a group of 16 people, cooking in pairs.


And the farm looks amazing, this was my first experience to see how actually the veggies grow..


And the cooking stations…


We learnt how to make the ‘Gado-Gado’ used in lot of Balinese dishes. Then came two Entrees, two main course dishes and a dessert!

Sweet and Sour Tempeh, one of my favourites.

Sweet and SourTempeh

If you like Manchurian kinda dishes, you’ll love this as well!

Vegetable curry…

Vegetable curry

Corn fritters, crispy crunchy delicacies, always wanted to have the recipe and I have a good one now 🙂 loved them absolutely!


My love for dumplings (Chinese) is not a secret!! And here are the Balinese dumplings, steam cooked wrapped in leaves!


And the master chefs enjoying their food..


They tell you about all the substitutes, in case you don’t get everything at your place!! The chefs are quite good, know what they are doing and are very patient with your cooking skills! They take pride in telling you about their culinary culture and that’s what made it so enjoyable!

If you are into cooking, wish to be familiar with Balinese kitchen, have some spare time, go do this class at this very cooking school! Fun guaranteed 🙂